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David Clunie 
Hello, I'm David B. Clunie.

I'm always looking for new opportunities either in the San Francisco Bay Area, California or Saginaw Bay Area, Michigan. I've have over 17+ years experience in the Quality Engineering field. I was employed as a Senior Lead Software Quality Engineer at Concentric Network a division of XO Communications. I started as as a customer care/help desk representative in the same company.  I'm currently employed at SugarCRM as a Software Quality Engineer.

I'm not adverse to physical demanding work, prior to my career in the technology field, I worked as a 65 Ton induction furnace operator and 7 Ton ladle driver for Saginaw Malleable Iron Works. Saginaw Malleable Iron Works was a part of General Motors central foundry division.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to hire me for a position in your organization.  I'm also available for contract work.

I've included my contact information along with my resume. My resume is available as a word doc, a pdf , and in raw text below:

David Clunie Résumé in doc format

David Clunie Résumé in PDF format

David B. Clunie
Senior Level Software Quality Engineer
San Jose, CA


Seeking a position in Software Quality Assurance/Engineering or an entry level development position (UI, back end systems), in a dynamic technical and business environment.


With 17+ years of experience as a Senior Quality Engineer I've been responsible for the focused testing of new products, ongoing operational releases, as well as maintenance of legacy systems and products. I've developed, established, and maintained software quality engineering methodologies, systems, and tools. As a senior team member at Concentric, resolving complex software and end-user issues, alongside operations, development, product marketing staff, and critical external partners was routine. My involvement with new products began in the first meetings as I authored test plans and methodologies statements directly into the development process, including risk assessment and testing metrics. 

I am knowledgeable of the entire life-cycle with regards to large application development, starting with analysis and design requirements, through QA and post-production support.

Currently I’m working as an Independent Senior Level QE Contractor/Consultant for various tech companies around the San Francisco Bay Area. The majority of my career I worked for Concentric/XO Communications. At Concentric I was a integral team member and played a considerable part in Concentric's progression from its start-up days through to its IPO, subsequent $2.6 billion acquisition by Nextlink, and formation of XO Communications in June of 2000. Along the way I was involved with such key partners as Netscape, SBC/Pacbell, and Microsoft, each used Concentric's applications platform as their branded business bundle.

  • Over 17+ years of experience in Software Quality Engineering 
  • Proficient in administration, maintenance, and review of various bug tracking systems, such as Bugzilla and Bugtracker. 
  • Skilled in the cross-departmental tracking application, Remedy Action Request System. 
  • Adept at creating testing and reporting documents for the technical and the non-technical. 
  • Knowledge of cross-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera) and cross-operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) compatibility issues . 
  • Proficient with W3C standards such as HTML, XHTML, and CSS. 
  • Strong skills in visual design, layout, appearance, and usability issues. 
  • Methodical troubleshooting skills for software as well as hardware. 
  • White box(structural), black box(behavioral/functional), and JSON Compliant API testing. 
  • Experience with creating test environment/lab 
  • Worked closely with QA Manager, marketing, product management, and engineering teams 
  • Generated reports and graphs for internal team meetings and to management 
  • Worked with operations, support, and critical partners with regards to fluctuating needs to meet aggressive deadlines. 

Operating Systems: Windows(7, Vista, XP, NT, ME, 2000,98, 95), Macintosh OS6-9  , OS X, Linux, Android OS, Windows Mobile.

Tools: Bugzilla, MyZilla, BugTracker, Remedy, Packet Sniffers, Serial Analyzer,

Database: MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL,
Other: MS Office, Open Office, Selenium IDE


Software Quality Engineer
SugarCRM - Cupertino, CA

(feel free to email me questions about my current position)

Senior Level Software Quality Engineer
Independent QE Contractor/Consultant
  • Performed Black box and some white/grey box testing for various tech companies.
  • Authored test plans and test cases for various companies.
  • Updated and/or maintained bug lists for various companies.
  • Maintained a VMware home testing environment for various OS and browser configurations.
  • Experienced Telecommuter.
Working as an Independent Senior Level QE Contractor/Consultant over the past year I’ve performed testing for tech companies during their alpha/beta releases. I’ve authored test cases, test plans, and updated/maintained bug lists for those tech companies. One such example I'm providing testing for is the company was born out of a $200 million artificial intelligence project completed by DARPA and SRI. I’ve primarily have been working as a telecommuter and maintain a VMware home testing platform of various browser and OS’s, e.g., Windows Vista/7/8, Ubuntu/Debian, IE, Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, Dolphin, etc.

Senior Lead Software Quality Engineer
XO Communications - San Jose, CA
1999 – 2009

Performed focused testing upon new and legacy development for XO's Web Hosting products and its partners which included Microsoft's small business label and Sanrio's (Hello Kitty) E-commerce Solution.

Supplied functional testing of a distributed server and storage virtualization platform.

Principal Quality Engineer who, with the Customer Support Call Center (CSCC), located in Michigan, coordinated the company's Remedy Action Request System, tracking technical issues, billing issues, and feature requests from customers, care center representatives, systems operations, and other XO departments.

Provided leadership and mentoring to junior team members on all aspects of QE with regards to functionality and maintenance of new and legacy product lines.

Assisted in interviewing and hiring of fellow QE members.

Helped coordinate and test a weekly/bi-weekly release candidate containing new projects, updates to existing and legacy products, as well as bug fixes.

Senior Software Quality Engineer
Concentric Network Corporation - San Jose, CA

Performed focused testing upon the various connection products for both domestic and international customers, including dial-up software designed to automatically locate the nearest access point and configure a Dial-Up-Connection (DUN) connectoid. Once connected, for our enterprise partners, we provided a custom UI interface for use/management of our Virtual Private Networking (VPN) architecture and software.

Assisted in testing of new services such as authentication, DNS, web based email, and spam filtering.

Provided testing of Concentric's proprietary applications hosting platform which consistently won 'best of' awards.

Created and maintained a library of test plans, checklists, and other documentation required for testing of all of the products and legacy systems.

Continually performed full system tests to ensure developed products met with design specifications.

Instrumental in the build up and maintenance of a fully featured quality engineering test lab; moving the lab from three different locations with minimal downtime as the company grew.

Provided on-site support, across the US, and collaboration with various partners such as Microsoft, Netscape, Intuit, WebTV, SBC/Pacbell, Compaq, Total Entertainment Network (TEN), Apple, and The Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Customer Support Representative
Concentric Network Corporation - Bay City, MI

Provided first tier support for international and domestic partner connection services along side our own connection services; SLIP, PPP, IP-available email, and the emerging web hosting services.

Acted as a Macintosh guru supporting our cross-operating system products and trained junior team members on the use and the configuration of apple computers and software.

Worked with team members to maintain support tools and training documents.

Provided leadership and training to junior team members on all aspects of the companies products.

Ensured quality control of the customer experience and satisfaction.

Technology – I enjoy all aspects of our technological age.  I currently have two 3d Printers, one a cartesian based printer and the other a delta style.  I also have three others on order from various Kickstarter's.  I also enjoy tinkering around with electronics and computing devices, e.g., building a gaming / media center PC, to installing custom builds on laptops, netbooks, cellular phones, tweaking the firmware on my bitcoin miner, and tweaking my home wi-fi network.

Video Games Playing/Testing – I play both console(xbox, wii) and PC games; provided beta testing for many games some of which have been Ultima Online, Everquest, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, and Warhammer Online; and for companies Mythic, Sony, Cavedog Entertainment, and the Total Entertainment Network(TEN) now

Board Gaming Aficionado – My current collection is around 280+ individual games ranging from the early 70's “role and move” type to the “euro” games such as Settlers of Catan. I also participate in various “play tests” for board games in development for semi-professional game developers.

RPG Enthusiast – My collection of role playing games and materials consists of various genres ranging from fantasy, science fiction, horror, western frontier, and roaring 20's gangster era.

3D Modeling/Texture Hobbyist – I'm well versed with applications such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, and Cinema 4D. I've created and sold 3D/2D digital assets upon various websites.

Digital/Traditional Photography – I enjoy the process of creating new images as well as repairing old and damaged family heirlooms. I currently repair photographs in a semi-professional role.


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