Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Drone Fishing? You Betcha!!!

Over on his youtube channel, HERE, you can check out Farmer Derek on how he's catching fish these days, yup you guessed it via DRONE! (a dji phantom)  Technology, ain't it something! :) (Farmer Derek isn't your typical youtuber or farmer for that matter, he's got vids of him cerenading his herd of cows with the likes of songs from Maroon5, Lorde, and others, not to mention he created the parody video of "What Does The Farmer Say" most of those videos have about 6 million views!!!

I'm sure his latest one on how he's "gone fish'n" will reach similar view totals!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Video : 3d Printing - What Can Taulman T-Glase And A E3d Volcano 1.2mm Nozzle Do?

So you might have seen the whole hoopla about printing with glass, as was talked about here, and even then I mention that the large ribbons of glass and the beautiful flow reminded me of printing with the E3d's Volcano and using the larger nozzles.  Well seems that I wasn't singular in my thoughts.  

Tom Martz has up over on his youtube channel, which you should head over to and subscribe/follow, has a similar mesmerizing video of Taulmans T-Glase clear printing a similar object as the one printed in glass by MIT.  Only difference here is that the T-Glase clear is molten its significantly "cooler" than the glass so doesn't have that honey warmth glow that molten glass does.  

The results are very similar and being that T-Glase is a bit more durable and practical in its uses for various applications that glass wouldn't be even thought of, e.g., areas where breakage could occur, or the weight of the glass impractical, etc.  T-Glase shines, quite literally!  

You can read the full write up over at Taluman's site Here for the speeds, nozzle type, and various other tidbits.  I'll leave you with some of their awesome photos of some of their creations using the various colors of T-Glase as well!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Video - 3D Printing In Glass Is Now A Reality!!!

The possibility of printing in glass is now a reality, mesmerizing, and beautiful.  This very much reminds me of using the E3D's hot end, the Volcano creating large structure layers which adds to the aesthetics of the item as well as the overall structure.  

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