My Background

I was raised in Michigan and have always had an interest in technology and its use in our everyday lives.  One of the first computers I had was a TI-994a with a tape drive storage unit!  I then upgraded to a Apple IIc and then a Macintosh Classic, which I still have!  While initially a self proclaimed "mac fanboy", I'm now completely brand agnostic when it comes to technology.  Right tool for the right job is now a standard I live by.  Most of my at home machines are dual boot windows/linux boxes, and my only phone runs Android OS.  

In high school, working in the co-op program which gave you elective credit while working at local businesses, I worked at local CPA doing data entry, and then at a physician's office pulling the next days files from their UNIX mainframe and updating the previous days records. Over the years I've worked a number of your typical jobs in retail, and the food industry. At 15, I was given the responsibility to run and close a pizza shop entirely by myself on the weekdays.  

While putting myself through community college and in preparation to transfer to a University, focusing on a Chemical Engineering Degree, I started working at General Motors as temporary "summer help". I worked at General Motors central foundry division operating a 65 Ton Induction Furnace, and a 7 Ton Capacity Ladle driver/operator.   The induction furnace melted scrap metal into iron-alloys at around 2800 °F and then poured into a  7 Ton Capacity Ladle.  The heat was unbelievable, but the job itself has remained one of my more memorable positions I've held.  I was asked back to become a full time employee but decided to continue the career I started in the emerging internet industry.

It was in January of 1996 I was then hired by Concentric Network to work at their Michigan Care Center as a Customer Support Representative.  Upon providing excellent customer service time and time again and further honing my troubleshooting skills, I was promoted out to Concentric's HQ in Silicon Valley as a Software Quality Engineer.  I was part of the team that played a considerable part in Concentric's progression from its start-up days, through to its IPO, and then subsequent $2.6 billion acquisition by Nextlink to form XO Communications in June of 2000. I stayed on with XO remaining at Concentric, now a division of XO. Over the past 13+ I was promoted to a Senior Software Quality Engineer, then to a Senior Lead Software Quality Engineer.  I left the company in 2009 as the result of a 30% reduction in workforce by XO Communications. In short terms I was laid off.

I'm currently seeking new opportunities working in the quality engineering field or similar work in either the San Francisco Bay Area in California or the Saginaw Bay Area in Michigan.

If you would like to know more about my qualifications and job experience of 14+ year as a Senior Level Software Quality Engineer, please click on the Hire Me!/Resume link or feel free to contact me at  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks or stopping by,


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