Friday, October 18, 2019

Resin and Mica Equals Pumpkin Madness!!! - Elegoo Mars Resin Prints!


About a month ago I picked up this, A Elegoo Mars Resin Printer for a mere $279 bucks. I've been pretty happy with my purchase so far.  I tried a few of their resins, translucent, translucent red, translucent green, and their matte grey resin.  All great resins.  And the printer produces some great detail results!!!  (affiliate link helps support the blog/website/youtube/me!)

Scary, Derpy, Normal

Then I wanted something a bit more on the robust side to make some functional non brittle parts.  I came across Siraya Tech's Blu - Strong Resin .  Then I saw on the facebook group for the Elegoo Mars Printer that Bastian Stevens did something that I had been thinking about, he used mica's to color his clear resin!  I was thinking of using alcohol inks as I had seen other youtubers use those in other resin projects, and thought why not do this with some clear resin to make some custom color resins.  I like the addition of the mica as you can get a really cool shimmer effect that the photos don't do it justice.  So I created these from a file on thingiverse by user fabricke.  He has three different models.  So I downloaded then sliced them in chitubox and printed them out using 100 ml of the clear tough resin and about 1/4 of a teaspoon of orange mica

As you can see in the pictures it worked out very well.  I plan on selling these at a Oct 26 pop up arts/crafts faire near Vallejo, CA.  I also take custom orders and commissions, so feel free to contact me.   
After a print the mica settles a bit in the vat of goo!

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