Friday, September 30, 2011

Wall Warts As Power Supplies For DIY Projects

Everyone's got them, an old power transformer or "wall wart" for some unknown electronic device that has been thrown away, was broken by the electronic gremlins, or lost into the sands of time.  

Some might throw out these unmatched power supplies but most just wrap the cord around the chunky black plastic cube and throw it into a box, which is only pawed through when the power supply to your existing device goes missing.  

One other use that might not have occurred to many is the use of those wall warts as the next power supply in your awesome DIY electronics project!

The folks over at have a great, multipage, write up on how you can use these under utilized power supplies with your DIY electronics projects.  The article, nine pages to be exact, covers the following topics:

  • Background and Use of AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Linear Supplies
  • Regulated Supplies
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Practicality Of Using AC/DC Power Supplies
  • A Brief Look At 5v Power Supplies

It's a great article and has very useful info, especially if you have any questions on how to incorporate power supplies into electronics projects.  

So go get that box of black cubes and twisted licorice strands and grab that chunky monkey one, you know from that one thing you had back in the 90's, that went "woop, woop woop" but now can't remember where you put it, yeah that one and put it back to use!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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