Monday, June 25, 2012

ReadyNAS w/18 TB, What Did You Do This Weekend?

I've been working on custom home media solution, and wanted a storage solution instead of just chaining together a bunch of usb hubs and external hard drives.  So recently I picked up a Netgear ReadyNas Ultra 6 Plus.  I'm happy so far with the unit so far, but somewhat unhappy with my older netgear wi-fi gear, the wi-fi adapters.
The adapters say up to 150mbps to 300mbps, but their wi-fi status says 54mbps to 80mbps.  The router I have is also a netgear and has its settings at 300mbps full duplex and QaS enabled and rules set.   However, when I'm trying to stream a blu-ray movie to the other room 10ft away, I'm getting choppy video/audio.  I picked up a newer usb dongle and even a netgear wnce2001 wi-fi to ethernet adapter and that seems to get 100mbps, but video still is choppy.  I might need a wi-fi extender/repeater or just run cable and return the netgear devices.

Now you might be asking, wow that's a lot of drives and storage, not to mention the whole point of this NAS is you can hot swap smaller drives with larger ones(similar to the drobo).  I would then have to ask to see your geek credentials, as you can never have enough storage!  The reason I needed so many is because of the last firmware update for the NAS the release notes, yes i read release notes, indicated that if you wanted 16TB or greater you needed to initialize all drives and the device at the same time or you would be stuck at below 16TB.  This was a change to support 3TB drives and may change in a future update.  Also any drive you do stick in the device gets formatted and the data, if there was any, is destroyed.   Which being that affordable 4TB will eventually be available.  

I'll post more details as I use this set up.  As for now I've got a few drives to insert into the NAS and get booted up!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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