Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video : Unique Interfaces For Electronic Devices Using Magnets!

I came across this video by Andrea Bianchi and Ian Oakley on the youtube channel alsoplantsfly.  The video below covers the idea of using real world objects with magnets in them and the magnetometers in most tablets and cell phone devices.  I'm always a sucker for magnets!

In the video Andrea goes about showing you that with some simple rare earth magnets you can create some pretty interesting interaction and interfaces to do practically anything.  Its looks very similar to how Microsoft's surface identifies items when placed upon it, except I believe in the surfaces examples its using RFID tags.

Where I see these types of interfaces being a real boon is in gaming of course! You could have a 10" tablet or larger device on top of or embedded into a table and use gaming tokens to play various board games or rpgs.  Just like with the RFID examples in the surface demos but you could also recognize them "off the board" (or more on the side) of the board as well!  Ideas are just flooding my brain right now where this could be useful.  Very cool. 

Be sure to check out their other neat ideas and subscribe to their channel!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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