Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Passwords - Weak, Hackable, Hard To Remember

For those of who love the comic xkcd will not be surprised to find multiple comics on passwords and their use in our everyday digital lives.  The division I worked for, not the corporate overlords,  were pretty serious on the creation of strong passwords and allowing the users who used our network ways to retrieve those passwords along with educating them on password security.  Security was always top on the list when building new features into our systems.

One of my former colleagues, mentor, and friend, Jeff Powell, has a well written treatise on passwords.  It's an excellent read and I've been recommending it to family, friends, and anyone who's concerned with password use in the modern age.  So go check his blog post and then get ready to change how you use and create passwords!

Bonus: For some comic goodness, here are two xkcd comics regarding passwords after the jump.

On Password Strength

On Password Reuse

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