Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Joy of Practical 3d Printing AND Lasercutting!!!

So last night I decided to quickly create a under the shelf hanging spool holder for my prusa's.  I found a "L" bracket on thingiverse, by user Chuanyee223, printed 4 of these out which took about an hour and a half.  While the bracket was 3d printing, did a quick'y design in Adobe Illustrator for the lasercut wooden portion.  Threw on some cool pattern for some "flair" but just scored the pattern, should have engraved it, but then it would have taken longer than just the 10 min it took to cut out 4 of em.   Its jkust a thin piece with a hole for a 3/4in dowel to sit in that will span my entire shelf.  Here is one half of the print all assembled.

I only had some really long screws so i used them and then just hacksawed the ends off to fit nicely and then filed the burs off the edges.  I'm just using a regular dowel.  Unsure if the friction of wood on wood of the bracket,  or friction of wood on plastic of the spools, will be too much for the printers to pull the filament without causing issues. If so I could use some ptfe tubing as liner for the spool holder hole by cutting the tubing down the middle and placing into the hole, or I could just use some paste wax at the very minimum.   Of course I could 3d print a 2 part collar if needed as well. :)  That is the beauty of 3d printing and laser cutting combined, you just make what you need when you need it!

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