Sunday, June 6, 2010

Python 3.12 Installed - Bringing Old Projects Into 2010!

I've just installed Python 3.12 and will likely be going though the tutorial and documentation shortly hereafter.  There are a couple of projects I did over 20+ years ago with *cough*hypercard*cough* on my mac classic that I'd like to update and bring into 2010 as those projects pertain to my other hobbies.  It should also be a good starting point for me working with python.  Once I complete some work or modules maybe i'll post snippets on here and hopefully get some feedback.  I'm fighting a big urge to break out the gear I scooped up from the Maker's Faire this year, especially the minty boost project, but I've decided to wait a bit before distracting myself with that little project.  Not to mention I'd like to figure out a way to allow for multiple battery types/sizes for use with the minty boost or even use the minty boost as a recharger for rechargeable batteries with the flick of a switch.  Ok back to   my python 3.12 investigations!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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