Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Filaments! Candy, Transparent, Translucent PLA! and MTG Card Boxes!

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So awhile back I was searching for some transparent colored PLA and found the following at  It was a new line of PLA with transparent/translucent aspects and with some fun names to boot!  Here is a listing of their names and a pic of the filament with a tea-light:

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I've been printing with most of these filaments, and I'm really liking the effects and just how really good these filaments look on a finished print.  Especially my latest projects which are Magic the Gathering Deck Boxes!  I've printed out one in each of the colors including the Frost Transparent and they all look great.  The "smoke" is more "black" than transparent/translucent.  But the "Candy" filaments look awesome with a light either inside or behind them!  Take a look!

The "transparency" can be greatly affected by your infill.  I printed one box in the Frost Transparent at 100% infill vs the 15% infill for all of the boxes above and the effect is pretty dramatic in that since there are no "air pockets" for light to refract the light the box is pretty translucent to where you can almost read the card.  I'll certainly be buying these filaments again when I run out of the first batch!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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