Monday, February 6, 2017

3D Printing : Trinus3d Printer from Kickstarter Odd behaviors? - Part 2

So after a few more experiments with turning on/off smart infill, going from 300 microns back to 150 microns, and even speeding up/slowing down the print speed, I can only get that ribbed pattern to appear on the one print where I'm printing nine pillars all at once!  Weird!  The last pic above is when i printed two pillars at the same time.  I was printing all of my other experiments one pillar  at a time.

So I imagine the cause is the movement from pillar to pillar when printing is just causing some weird pattern to emerge.  I've also seen people mention those wavy patterns in thin walled  print with the fan at 100% and the force of the air causing the pattern.  

However at this time I'm done with the experiment as I have a ton of pillars, and done currently anymore!  Hehe.

I've also  started using them to actually organize my cables and pens around my desk with some magnets!

Here you can see I was trying out a different design buy using two different pla's, which i kind of like.  Truth  be know I was running out of polymakrs translucent yellow pla and just switched to their white polymax!

I used the following adhesive and magnets to "glue" the pillars together and then to add the magnets to the tops!  These are my affiliate links which helps out the blog/youtube channel, etc.  You could also use my shop link!  

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