Monday, November 6, 2017

3D Printing : I remixed CHEP's Brackets for Harbor Freight Storage Boxes

Hey everyone!  So I watched one of CHEP's (Chuck Hellebuyck) older videos on how he 3D printed some wall brackets to mount and hold Harbor Freight's Portable Storage Case which go for around $5.00. Here is the original thingiverse like to his files...
I decide to "lighten" them up a bit and to save on a bit of plastic by adding some holes that would not comprise the structure or holding power of the original mounting brackets as well as preserve the mounting holes of the original.  You can find my files, remixed from Chucks above, or here is the direct link...

Thanks to Chuck for creating these files, and dont forget to subscribe to his You Tube channel, and mine too!!! :)

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