Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MakerBot TV Season1 Episode12 - Season Finale

Well it looks like its the end for Makerbot TV for this season that is.  This "season finale" ends on a whimper and give away a maker bot to someone who made a coffee cup topper with your (or whomever's) lips as the drinking spout! Um, Ew!  Also, Creepy if you ask me,  let alone driking hot coffee with something that may have imperfections and holes, leaks and bacteria just waiting to happen, let alone is is really safe to drink a hot liquid from?  Yeah its the same plastic as legos but I'm pretty sure they don't recommend you make food utencils or dining plates out of the stuff for every day consumption, let alone at high temperatures!  

The rest of the episode is again lack luster and ends with an "awards show" for various creations they've highlighted.  Meh.  Not sure if I'm going to watch for season 2 if this is going to be the format.  

I still think they need to go the "make weekend project" route, with host Kip Kay!,  well I'd rather see Bre take that mantel again.  That is after all what a  lot of people started with, the weekend projects from make magazine, and got them excited to actually go out and make things!  

Except for a few episodes there wasn't a whole lot of "project" material other than "look what we did" or "we're selling this now".  Call me jaded (but don't call me shirley) I just was hoping for more from this series and all I got was some fluff pieces with a few chunks of meat and gristle. Well here is the video in case you're curious:

Here is some bonus video that may help make up for the so so video above:

Now  that's what I'm talking about (sort of), the botmobiles are especially cool!  All these are at Makerbot Projects.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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