Thursday, October 27, 2011

Makerbot TV S01E08 - Halloween and Hermit Crab Episode

Essentially this episode is, again, a little "lite" on content, but focuses on what you could make for the upcoming Halloween holiday. If I were a kid and got some piece of "Halloween" plastic ghost or pumpkin instead of candy that house would get egged for sure!  On the flip side,  instead making a spider ring or other accessories for your costume I think is more appropriate and proper use of a makerbot.

The second half of the video details the efforts of a group trying to provide hermit crab shells for hermit crabs.  Apparently there is a shortage of hermit crab shells "In the wild", I'm not sure if they mean pet shops or actually out in nature.  While it might seem noble I'm not sure if putting more plastic into "the wild" is the right approach, not to mention that the hermit crabs will make their homes out of anything that "fits" their current size really.  Also not sure how they came up with the data indicating the shortage.  You can check out more details here about the project.

Update: Apparently they are just protyping the shells in plastic and the final shell material has yet to be determined, and at this time no shells of any kind have been introduced "to the wild".  Again check out the above link if you would like more info on the project.

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