Monday, October 31, 2011

Makerbot TV S01E09 - The Practical Application Episode (Finally!)

Episode 9 of Makerbot TV, from the weekly video series at Makerbot Industries,  is here!  Finally an episode that includes some actual benefits of owning a makerbot and clues you into why you would want one around the house.  

While most of the objects are indeed handy, and there are lots more on thingaverse, I believe its been stated on the forums for makerbot that the plastic, while "non-toxic" in its "cured form", shouldn't remain in contact with food stuff for lengthy times.  Also I'm not sure how safe a spatula would be considering the heat factor and the "remelting of the plastic", unless they're printing it in food safe silicon or some other food safe material of course!  

Regardless this episode illuminates what the future of small printable objects will be and instead of pop'n off down to the local hardware store for the latest "widget" to fix your "thingamabob" you'll just print out the item.  Don't worry about the hardware store they eventually might sell the very plastic spools of filament you'll need to print your objects, and of course other basic fasteners for larger projects!

BONUS! Here is Bre Pettis in a video titled Makerbotting 101.

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