Friday, May 11, 2012

Makerbot TV S02E09 - Finishing Techniques

I haven't been following Makerbot Tv this season. I did come across an episode that answers the one question, that every maker of 3d printed objects has asked at some point.  How do I finish the objects that come out of 3d printers.  Here is the Makerbot crew explaining how they finish some of their projects.

I've heard of various other finishing techniques such as solvent dips, and other filler types where you more or less, as shown in the video, fill in the ridges to an even level using various compounds, such as clay, or automotive filler.  Then finished with a gloss protective coating.

Typically once you've created this "master model" a "master mold" is made out of silcone rubber and plaster and then copies are made out of various other materials.

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